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Leeds city centre and the town hall from the Headrow

What can Leeds’ property market offer you as a buy-to-let investor?

  • Buy-to-let opportunities in the city centre of Leeds generating high returns and strong demand
  • Investment property in sectors such as build-to-rent, HMO and short-term let
  • Free access to lucrative developer stock in and around Leeds city centre
  • Leeds City Region now boasts the second-largest economy after London 
  • Average gross rental yield of 8.97%, which drastically outranks other cities
  • Soaring property prices rising by around 21.5% in the next 5 years
Leeds named one of the best places to live  

Leeds is a city with a lot to offer. It has a thriving economy and an excellent transport network, as well as being home to some of the best universities in the country. With all these advantages, Leeds property investment can be an exciting opportunity for any buy-to-let investor.

With our extensive knowledge of the local area and the market, we can offer advice on value, location, and other factors that may affect your decision-making process. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, we can help find the perfect property for your needs.

If you’re ready to purchase an investment property in Leeds, browse our investment opportunities to find out more.


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Property Investment Leeds: Leading the way for strong rental growth and tenant demand

The growth of the Leeds rental market goes hand in hand with the city experiencing a significant rise in housing stock. This is due to city-wide investment plans that all point to a future active economy. Consequently, these plans are increasing awareness about the rental market among residents. The fact that Leeds is a growing area makes it a good place to invest.

In terms of demographics, renting is at record levels for the younger age groups. For this rental market, apartments are among the most viable investment properties. With this, HMO property investment is proving extremely lucrative in and around city centres, and Leeds excels in this asset class due to its high student and young professional population.

The average Yorkshire rental price has reached £655, up 8.5% since 2021, with Leeds itself experiencing a 9.6% boost as young people have returned to the city following the lifting of Covid travel restrictions. According to Zoopla’s quarterly Rental Market Report, a number of factors contributed to this increase. Because of the increasing demand and endless opportunities that this city presents, rental yields produced from buy-to-let property investments in Leeds outperformed those produced by London’s private rental sector in 2020. Landlords can expect to secure a high yield of 8% in some Leeds city centre postcodes, which is double the figure of the UK’s average. As for the rest of the areas outside of the city centre, landlords can achieve around 4.3% in rental yields.

Average rent across the UK is on track to reaxch almost £1,000pcm, which is £62 more than it was at the start of the pandemic. However, the average rent for residential properties in the city of Leeds sits at around £1,049 as of the start of 2022. Because of this high figure, investors can expect higher rental returns from their Leeds-based buy-to-let investments.

Property prices soaring year upon year makes Leeds a fantastic place for capital growth

It goes without saying that the entirety of the UK is seeing prolific growth in the housing sector, with the leading cities experiencing rapid increases in house prices, rental costs and investment. Leeds, in particular, is amongst one of the dominant cities whose property market is outperforming many other prime UK cities.

In 2021, the average sale price of a standard property in Leeds rose by around £25,000. In fact, it has been projected that house prices in Yorkshire will increase by 21.6% in the next five years, with the demand for city-centre apartments driving both rental and housing costs up year on year.

Build-to-rent property in Leeds attracting high student and young professional population

Leeds is a top student city in the UK and boasts one of the largest student populations in the country. The city has the highest concentration of higher education institutions outside of London – almost 40,000 Leeds-based students graduate each year. Leeds is home to four prominent universities, including the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, and Leeds Arts University.

Graduates also require housing; it is not just students. Graduating students at Leeds tend to stay in the city after they graduate, with the retention rate currently sitting at around 30%. As a result, the rental market remains solid outside of the academic year. Graduates tend to fall under the bracket of most desirable tenant types, as young professionals seek high-quality housing at an affordable price. In fact, one in four landlords claim to prefer housing this tenant type due to their long-term commitment to their careers and rental property.

Student investment property covers a large blanket of asset classes, including HMO property and the growing build-to-rent model.


One of the UK’s most successful business hubs

Leeds’ stable employment base and diverse sectors play an integral role in its appeal to investors and young professionals. Currently, there are around 126,000 companies based in the Leeds city region, with this number forecasted to increase in the coming years. Moreover, employment is predicted to rise by an average of 6.5% over the next 10 years. This is an extraordinarily high increase in comparison to most other prime cities in the UK.

Leeds is home to a plethora of sectors, including retail, leisure, construction and manufacturing. The digital industry, in particular, is a fast-emerging sector in the Leeds city region and has so far employed over 100,000 individuals. The opportunities that continue to arise in the digital space suggest that more and more talented people will choose to relocate to Leeds and contribute to the strong demand for housing. The dominating sectors in Leeds, however, are financial and business services, which accounts for 38% of the total output.

Large-scale regeneration work and the rapidly growing economy are what continue to attract such big players to base their headquarters in this area. Some big names include the likes of Asda, Jet2, NHS England and Tetley’s Brewery. It is with thanks to these triumphant businesses that more young people opt to study, work and live in Leeds – such large companies offer unrivalled opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere.





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  • 租金及需求

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  • 市場增長

    投資於預計未來強勁增長的黃金地段對您的決策至關重要。 通過分析人口和經濟增長的預測,您應該能夠縮小搜索範圍。 隨著人口的增加,對住房的需求相關,導致投資機會的更大增加。

  • 就業及商機


Grow a sustainable and lucrative portfolio with Leeds’ fast-growing property investments

Locating profitable property in Leeds can be difficult, as can securing discounted down payments. Because of this, we encourage both experienced investors and first-time buyers to join forces with BuyAssociation to gain access to the best upcoming opportunities. Not only can our expert team connect you with leading developers and help you to secure lucrative deals, but they can also assist you with every step of the investment process.

We specialise in acquiring buy-to-let apartment blocks and short-term let properties from our partners. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our expert team can connect you with promising developers to begin or expand your portfolio. By talking to us, we can ensure that we obtain opportunities that maximise your return on investment and complement your property portfolio. Above all, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding your expectations and helping you to achieve your property goals.

To uncover the most promising opportunities in the property market, our team works across Manchester, London, Reading, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and beyond. During the earliest stages of development, we offer early access to all kinds of properties, including exclusive, off-market offerings. Investing in properties at this stage is a great way for our institutional partners and international investors to earn high returns. With decades of combined experience, BuyAssociation is able to offer guidance to investors at every step of the decision-making process.

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