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What is an investment property?

An investment property is a property that you purchase with the intention of renting out for profit. It can be a house, apartment, or commercial building. You can also choose from various asset classes of property such as buy-to-let, short-term lets and social housing.

Passive income is generated from ongoing rental payments and eventually capital gains upon selling the property as it increases in value over time.

Many people invest in properties because they are more stable than stocks and bonds, but also tend to provide more consistent returns over time.

The increasing demand for rental homes and a growing population suggest that investing in the buy-to-let market is a worthwhile move.

If you want to invest in property, there are many options available to you. You can choose to own and manage a single property or build a portfolio of properties.

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What is off-plan property investment?

Off-plan property investment is the process of purchasing a property (typically apartment blocks and units), before it reaches completion. Buying off-plan involves paying a reservation fee and deposit either before or during construction, with the intention of allowing the asset to increase in value once the build phase has finished.

In most cases, off-plan property investment involves a prolonged time commitment during the construction phase, adding an element of risk that investors must prepare for.

However, the increased value of a property, in addition to the discount offered on the purchase price by the property developer, is why off-plan can be more attractive than buying completed homes.

If you’re looking for emerging property investments for sale, or would simply like some help understanding where there might be opportunities, talk to us today.

Why invest in property?

The financial rewards and excitement that come with being involved in the property sector, especially in the UK, are unmatched. Even after retirement, investing in property can provide high revenue from rental income and capital gains. Over the years, this profitable market has seen exponential growth in the UK. There has been a strong upward trend in property prices since the 1970s, despite fluctuations during economic downturns such as the recession.

Coupled with the robustness of the property sector, the financial growth of it has gone from strength to strength, offering plenty of opportunities for investors to flourish.

Moreover, house prices in the UK have grown at a faster rate than in any other European country, according to new research. There has been a staggering 333% increase in house prices since 1988 and experts suggest that there is no sign of this slowing down. Figures drawn from the Office of National Statistics indicate that there will be an annual undersupply of housing across the country of over 100,000 properties; a clear indication of the opportunities that may arise for developers and investors alike.

In order to develop an effective property investment strategy, it is important to understand the ways in which you can obtain returns. Whether you intend to operate your investment property as a landlord for rental returns or to gain returns after occupying a home yourself, there are numerous considerations to take into account.

  • Capital appreciation

    Investing in property for the sole purpose to resell it in the future can be lucrative and tax efficient. This is because buyers are not liable for capital gains tax on any of the profits that may be made from the sale. Moreover, as mentioned previously, the upward trend in prices over the years is incredibly advantageous for investors interested in capital appreciation. Property buyers are advised to think strategically when it comes to long-term investments, allowing themselves to gain bigger profits from their property once sold. House values climb annually, which is why investors are now expected to earn around 30.3% in capital gains
    after selling a 10-year-old property.

    Property prices in the UK have soared since 2020, with the stamp duty holiday
    fuelling buyer demand, and a nationwide population growth of 8.8% fuelling this even further. Notably, the housing shortage – caused by major population expansion – continues to drive up the prices of properties and is expected to for the foreseeable future. In fact, the average UK property price had reached £276,091 in December 2021, a new record high in property statistics. This £24,500 increase provides insight into the bright future of the market that buyers can reap the benefits of.

  • High rental demand

    As house prices increase and the ability to purchase a home becomes more difficult, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for rental property. The excessive prices associated with home ownership have resulted in many young people being limited to renting rather than buying. Consequently, the average age of the first-time buyer is now 34, driving the need for rental properties up greatly. The renting trend is set to continue over the next five years at least, with projections demonstrating that over 1.8 million more families will search to rent homes rather than buy them by 2025.

    It is important to note that the shift in the market isn’t solely as a consequence of affordability, as many government schemes have been implemented to assist young people in acquiring their first home. The city living trend, preference for flexibility and improved quality of rental properties have contributed to the gravitation towards renting. The demand is so large that the UK’s rental market value has surpassed 159 world nation economies. Therefore, buy-to-let property investments are an especially lucrative asset to possess.

    Additionally, market trends have suggested that the desire to live in city centre apartments is soaring amongst young professionals and students. Living within the UK’s prime city centres provides residents with a wide range of facilities, amenities, bars and restaurants. In addition, it also offers city centre residents extensive transport links and close proximity to their workplace or university.

  • Long-term stability

    The property market is renowned for providing long-term financial stability and various tax benefits. Investing in bricks and mortar is generally considered low-risk and comes with few complexities compared to other assets, maximising the return on investment (ROI) for purchasers. Property prices are much less volatile than prices in other investment areas such as stocks and bonds, as property market fluctuation has a low probability of negatively impacting returns in comparison to other markets. Furthermore, prices have risen significantly more in property than in the UK stock market since as early as 1989, making this sector an attractive option for investors across the globe.

Looking for investment property in the UK? We can help.

BuyAssociation provides investors with a range of investment properties for sale, including new builds, HMOs, holiday lets, social housing, institutional opportunities, and conversions. In order to serve our clients best, we seek investments that we anticipate will produce remarkable results.

We are an award-winning property investment company that provides early access to the best off-market developments. Partner with us and we’ll connect you to discounted residential properties sourced directly from some of the country’s most reputable developers. Our intent is to put our clients’ objectives at the forefront, and ultimately to elevate their success, which is why we offer an exclusively personalised investment service.

Our experienced team of property specialists knows how important it is to source one-of-a-kind properties that meet the specifications of our clients, no matter how complex these specifications may be. Through a combination of our superior market positioning, solid industry knowledge, and group buying power, we identify high-value investment opportunities.

If you are interested in one of the lucrative opportunities that we have available, call us today for professional guidance with acquiring a property for your growing portfolio.

Types of property investments

There are two types of investment strategies that an investor or institution can choose to follow, depending on their needs, budget and property goals:

  • Purchase a property to rent out to tenants
  • Purchase a property with the intention of selling it on for a profit

However, there are additional approaches to investment and different types of properties that can be acquired – all with varying policies and requirements. It is essential that investors devise a business plan built around their objectives, allowing them to find the right property type that works for them. Although there are various property types and investment options, most successful investors choose to build an assorted portfolio, reducing the degree of risk by diversifying their property assets.

Here at BuyAssociation, we work hard to offer expert advice to support our clients in making informed decisions about their portfolio targets. By taking the time to understand your objectives, current position in the market and long-term goals, we can ensure that you are acquiring property-based products from suitable asset classes along with all the resources and assistance you might need to purchase them. As it is our mission to create meaningful connections between investors and property developers, we work collaboratively to ensure clients are met with developer stock that compliments their needs.

Buy-to-let investment property

A buy-to-let property investment is one of the most popular ways for investors to generate profit within the UK’s booming property market. Possessing a rental property can generate impressive passive income, capital appreciation or capital growth – all of which can be elevated through careful planning and consideration. The traditional buy-to-let strategy entails renting out a single unit to one household, ranging from a family to a professional individual, which enables landlords to predict their returns and manage their properties more easily. However, landlords who own multiple properties can more flexibly maximise their yields to earn a long-term income.

An advantage of property investment is the ability to adapt and amend property assets as trends and markets change. It is crucial that investors conduct thorough research of their target tenant type and their wants, needs and ideal locations in order to avoid loss of revenue and void periods. Additionally, investors maintain the right to select when, where, and how their properties operate dependent upon their target tenant type and market conditions. This flexibility means that landlords can invest in refurbishments, extra amenities, and upgrading facilities as tenants’ needs change. Having this adaptability means that property owners can customise their property portfolio to meet their specific interests by selecting the rental costs, choosing the ideal tenant type, and dictating the level of refurbishment carried out and how the property is managed.

Is buy-to-let a good investment choice?

Currently, average yields across the country are high, indicating the strength of the buy-to-let industry. Landlords targeting leading cities can expect to achieve between 6-12% in rental yields in top-yielding postcodes.

The private rented sector has been performing best in the south-west, north-est and north-east of England, while the south-east and London are trailing behind with the lowest returns. The fact remains, however, that certain locations in the region are more likely to be successful than others. This is why selecting properties in thriving cities with high average rents and impressive yields is so important.

Investing in properties that are strategically located and generating solid returns over time will provide a steady source of income to landlords, particularly those who have a wide variety of property types. There has never been a better time to invest in buy-to-let (BTL) properties in the UK due to the ever-growing population and the need for rented housing. The UK has a rapidly growing population and a growing need for rental properties, which has made investing in BTL properties more desirable than ever.

HMO properties

An experienced investor in the property market might prefer to diversify their portfolio with a range of property types for additional stability and security. UK investors are turning increasingly to housing in multiple occupancy (HMO) rentals as a preferred investment property. Having thoroughly explored the benefits of HMO properties, you will understand the key advantages of expanding your portfolio with this property type.

An HMO consists of several occupied residential properties under one roof, as its name suggests. Bedsit suites or house shares may also be referred to as HMOs. It is important to note that HMO policies should not be confused with joint tenancies since the definition of an official HMO property is legally defined. Simply put, an HMO building will comprise separated rooms that are let on a room-by-room basis, where occupants form more than one household. Most commonly occupied by young professionals and students, these households are extremely cost-effective for tenants with less disposable income yet remain incredibly lucrative for investors.

Diversifying your portfolio with an HMO property

A multi-let property is renowned for producing considerably higher rental yields than a standard single-let property, as a result of the property’s multiple tenants paying rent per month/week. Property market analysts have concluded, in recent years, that the average HMO yields 7% in the country’s most high-demand areas, compared to the 5.5% average yield generated by traditional BTL properties. With BuyAssociation, investors can expect to earn up to 10-15% from the promising HMO opportunities we have available.

Alongside the high yields, letting an HMO property comes with additional security for the landlord. Why might this be? Well, one key reason is the spread of responsibility – for example, if a payment is missed by a tenant, there are multiple other tenants to rely on, which decreases the risk of experiencing a substantial drop in rental income. Moreover, tenant demand for affordable housing is higher than ever before, ensuring interest is always consistent.

Here at BuyAssociation, we look to identify HMO properties in locations with optimal potential for substantial returns and demand. Our property consultants conduct in-depth surveying of areas that produce optimal results for investors.. As our experts have determined that primarily young professionals and university students remain the most common tenants for HMO contracts, the locations we source developments in fit predominantly within these tenant types, ensuring that high occupancy rates will always be sustained. We have HMO investment properties situated in Salford, Bolton and South Yorkshire.

Build-to-rent investment

A number of factors distinguish build-to-rent properties from more common buy-to-let properties. Most of the apartments are considerably more modern, designed for communal living and operated by corporate landlords. In order to fill the rental market gap, it is predicted that build-to-rent properties will dominate the property market going forward. UK property markets are seeing an increase in multi-occupational buildings. As a result of the development of the build-to-rent scheme, the rental sector has grown rapidly, and this model of living has become one of the fastest growing sectors. There was an increase of 40% in the number of build-to-rent (BTR) properties being constructed in 2019 alone, highlighting the performance of this asset class and the strong demand for this style of housing.

Projections suggest that the private rental market will grow by 22% by 2023. With a build-to-rent apartment, residents enjoy the security of long-term tenancies, no upfront fees, and the efficiency of professional management services. As a growing number of people opt to rent rather than buy due to high purchase costs, tenants are in constant need of an effective solution.

Recent years have seen build-to-rent housing gain significant traction, and experts predict even greater demand for this type of housing in the near future. People of all ages are attracted to BTR housing because of its distinct approach to community living. As well as providing outstanding facilities and high-quality amenities, tenants are also attracted by the concept of living with others.

Residents of many BTR developments can enjoy a vast array of amenities including gyms, cinemas, games rooms, saunas and much more.

The benefits of acquiring build-to-rent investment property

In addition to offering extra security for tenants, build-to-rent properties produce significant returns for investors through long-term tenancies. The risk of void periods decreases when your property is occupied by a reliable tenant for a lengthy period of time, enabling you to maximise the return on your investment.

Since rental costs are expected to rise further and occupancy rates are expected to remain high, BTR investors can expect a promising future. Along with high returns, capital appreciation is also expected to be strong, as house prices will rise steadily over time, making the build-to-rent asset a valuable investment. This sector has continued to be attractive to corporate and institutional investors who are looking for stable and high-quality properties that offer long-term profits. For lucrative build-to-rent investment property in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London, speak to us today.

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Invest in social housing

This model of affordable housing was put in place to provide quality homes for vulnerable people. Social housing is made available to households with low incomes at affordable rates, and the rental costs are calculated fairly. The housing crisis has meant that millions of people in the country have struggled to secure a home at a reasonable price, and social housing was established in an effort to solve this problem. Despite the lower rental costs, the quality of social housing is not compromised. Tenants that are eligible for these homes are placed in safe, secure and high-quality units that are legally required to meet a set of safety standards.

This alternative to the private rental sector offers long-term tenancies and a stable place to live for migrants, homeless people, single parents and those with medical needs. Having this option in place is crucial, which is why the demand to rent, build and invest in social housing remains high. Generally speaking, social housing is provided by local councils, social care operators and housing associations and run by professionals that will prioritise maintenance and repairs.

Investment properties for sale with BuyAssociation

Our wide range of investment properties continues to be carefully selected by experts that understand the market as well as the needs of investors. Uncovering opportunities for our clients through deep insights and data analysis is one of the biggest catalysts for the growth and success of our large client base. Our years of experience, during which we have cultivated a strong, award-winning team of consultants, places us in an advantageous position for securing premium opportunities. By working closely with our property development partners and clients, we can formulate meaningful connections and offer valuable support throughout each investor’s journey.

The truly unique properties we enable access to cannot be located anywhere else, putting BuyAssociation ahead of the market. From distinctive units and blocks to timed leases and simply the best view of the entire project, every property is unique, discounted and valuable. We dedicate ourselves to supplying all types of property in the UK’s leading destinations such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Stockport.

To benefit from our reliable, consultative advice and impressive opportunities, turn to us today and let us ensure your investment process is straightforward and hassle-free.

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Access advice and unique property investment opportunities directly from leading developers throughout the UK