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Build-to-rent property investment

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Why should you invest in build-to-rent property?

  • High-quality rental homes fully furnished and designed for renters
  • 23% increase in the number of build-to-rent properties completed in 2020 from the previous year
  • 110,000 build-to-rent properties in construction or planning across the UK
  • 20.5% of families in the UK expected to be renting by 2022, with steady growth forecasted up until 2025
  • Multi-occupancy accommodation with high occupancy rates, rental costs and tenant demand
  • Planning permissions for build-to-rent properties increased by 52% during the pandemic

Is build-to-rent a sector you’re looking to invest in? Investing in the newest housing provision, build to rent, could be the best way to expand your assets.

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An aerial view of Manchester build-to-rent properties

What is a build-to-rent property?

Launched in 2012, this revolutionary initiative was introduced in an attempt to solve the UK housing shortage, providing additional residential homes for the growing population. What’s more, this model sought to make the renting process much easier for both private landlords and tenants alike.

The term ‘build to rent’ (BTR) is used to describe a property development that has been designed for the sole purpose of renting it to tenants. These residential properties are categorised as’ build-to-rent’ when there are at least 50 units in one development block, all owned and managed by one landlord. However, there may be multiple corporate landlords that own sections of the building. The goal for each investor is to maintain strong, sustainable investment properties that are continually in demand by a broad mix of tenants seeking to reside in high-quality homes. Furthermore, developments of this category often promise to deliver long-term leases and well-furnished rooms in centralised locations in the UK’s biggest cities.

Build-to-rent Properties

Why invest in build-to-rent developments?

Multi-occupancy buildings are on the rise in the UK property market. Since the introduction of the build-to-rent scheme, this model of living has gone from strength to strength and is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the rental sector. In 2019, the number of build-to-rent properties that were under construction rose by a huge 40%, highlighting the housing demand for this asset class in the UK.

It has been forecasted that, by 2023, there will be 22% growth in the private rental market. Build-to-rent apartments offer residents security, with long-term tenancies, no upfront fees and professional management making the process of renting efficient. With a high percentage of the population opting to rent rather than buy due to high buying costs, an effective solution for tenants is in continuous demand. What follows are the key reasons why an investment into build-to-rent properties can be beneficial to you:

  • Solving the housing crisis

    As multi-occupancy developments build an entire community for numerous households, build-to-rent properties can home a large quantity of prospective renters. According to statistics derived from the British Property Federation, there are now around 47,754 completed developments in the UK. In addition to this, there are a further 80,730 in the pipeline. Despite West London being the central core for most of these developments, the rest of the UK has gained over 90,000 residential units. With such a high level of investment dedicated towards the construction of build-to-rent units, the future of this sector is promising for developers and investors alike.

  • Government funding

    In correlation with the undersupply of homes to meet the demand for rental property, the government has allocated funds towards the development of additional social housing. The current tax incentives put in place for build-to-rent property provides scope for profit for investors.

  • Longer tenancies

    Although the build-to-rent model enforces extra security for tenants, the long-term tenancies are also highly beneficial to investors. By having a tenant occupy your property for a longer period of time, the risk of void periods is reduced, enabling you to maximise the return on your investment in the long term.

  • High tenant demand

    The prospect of social housing has gained a lot of traction in recent years, with experts predicting the demand for this style of housing to progress even further. The niche approach to community living that the BTR sector offers is something that many residents, old and young, are attracted to. Not only do the excellent facilities and high-quality amenities appeal to tenants, but the concept of living with others is particularly enticing. The community living spaces that tenants can enjoy in many BTR developments include gyms, cinemas, games rooms, saunas and much more.

Why are tenants attracted to build-to-rent properties?

It is important to note that build-to-rent properties have an array of components that distinguish them from many standard buy-to-let properties. For the most part, the homes tend to be much more modernised, designed for co-living and run by corporate landlords. It has been predicted that, moving forward, the property market will be dominated by an increased number of build-to-rent properties in a bid to fill the void in the rental market. However, investors and tenants alike are continuously attracted to this type of property due to the following reasons:

Locations – The property developments designed solely for rental purposes are carefully placed in focal areas. Many leading developers will construct buildings of this type in prime cities.

Quality – In general, a build-to-rent property accommodates tenants who wish to benefit from luxury living. Through the inclusion of contemporary amenities, top-quality communal spaces and excellent facilities, these residential properties are particularly attractive to tenants.

Simplified tenancies – Build-to-rent properties feature long-term tenancies, affordable rent costs, reduced deposits and no agent fees.

On-site management – With these developments containing so many households, many properties in this sector have on-site management, making the process of reporting maintenance requests efficient.

Social housing – One of the elements that the scheme looks to incorporate is the concept of co-living, which shapes the BTR model. Many of these developments embrace shared facilities, such as kitchens and living spaces, in a bid to create a sense of community.

Stable rents – To ensure that rents aren’t increased unfairly, build-to-rent tenancies lay out stable rent costs, with a clear explanation of how prices could increase.

Purpose-built for renting – The residents of a build-to-rent development get to experience a newly constructed home, a purpose-built space that offers a sense of community and a deluxe lifestyle.

A beautiful modern build-to-rent property

Who are the target tenant types of build-to-rent properties?

A build-to-rent property is primarily targeted at those that wish to rent property that has value, for tenants that wish to benefit from more than just a standard apartment. The build-to-rent scheme is tailored for a variety of tenant types, depending on the individual development. However, this model of housing has been popularised in the midst of the era dubbed ‘generation rent’, whereby young people are favouring rented properties over homeowning.

In total, 30% of young people are predicted to never purchase a property due to the rising costs associated with getting onto the property ladder. Consequently, the build-to-rent scheme offers young professionals, young families, and students an alternative way of living. On the other hand, a large portion of the UK rental market is made up of tenants aged between 35-49. Additionally, 93% of 65+ year olds who currently rent declare that they expect to remain renting for the next three years. The statistical data surrounding the growth of the private rented sector for all demographics suggests substantial demand for rental properties.

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  • Streamlined processes

    We work extremely hard to provide a seamless and efficient investment process from start to finish, thanks to our team of qualified consultants in the investment sector. We strive to make investing as simple as possible, which is accomplished by applying our expertise, professionalism and diligence to every situation we face with our clients. By demonstrating our competence and proficiency throughout everything we do, our clients are confident in their investment decisions. We follow a highly organised structure to ensure that we communicate regularly and transparently with our clients during the entire investment process. We maintain a paper trail of every step of the process, documenting all communications, transactions, and handovers. By paying meticulous attention to the investment process and collating all of the important data, clients can view and reflect upon each action that has taken place leading up to their transactions with the developer.

  • Key locations

    We devote continuous attention to the most promising, emerging, and prosperous locations across the country. Research is conducted around forecasts, economic growth, and upcoming development plans that we feel will be most beneficial to our investors. We are able to identify the most dominant trends and areas in the UK by analysing metrics such as property prices, rental yields, buy-to-let (BTL) demand and population. Our goal is to work with investors and developers to provide worthwhile, unique and valuable investment opportunities in superior locations. We focus a great deal of our attention on Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Salford, Birmingham and Nottingham. We work hard to secure opportunities in these cities for our clients, considering them to be exciting property hotspots with strong growth potential in the coming years.

  • Discounted prices

    Through our unique position in the property investment market, we specialise in securing developments at attractive prices for our investors. By connecting reputable developers with the right investors at the primary stages of the process, the lowest possible prices can be secured. Investing early in off-plan developments allows you to benefit from profitable financial returns once the property is complete.

  • Personable approach

    The qualified, experienced team of advisors at BuyAssociation take a consultative approach in assisting investors. We are extremely committed to tailoring our services, opportunities and advice to the individual investor. We ensure that we achieve a personal approach by taking the time to understand our clients and their property goals. By gaining knowledge surrounding our clients’ current circumstances, their property preferences and portfolio, we can take the best course of action. Our client-focused process allows us to identify the most suitable property product for you, assisting you in making informed decisions. We will take into consideration your long-term plans, budgets and objectives to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

  • Our experienced consultants will prioritise your goals in steering you towards your objectives as a client of our company. When you choose BuyAssociation for your investment journey, you can rest assured we will help you achieve your goals. Get access to the best deals, discounts, and advantageous opportunities today by speaking to our trained property consultants. Whether you are a seasoned investor or an experienced portfolio landlord in the UK market, we can assist you.

a large build-to-rent property in development

Where are the main build-to-rent locations?

One of the central purposes of the build-to-rent scheme is to deliver meaningful, inventive and spacious accommodation for a variety of residents. Moreover, these properties are built with the intention of growing and meeting the needs of thousands of occupants. As a result, BTR developments tends to be placed in major cities, where high occupancy rates can be guaranteed. The placement of these units also ensures that tenants can gain access to facilities, transport links, schools and work settings – everything that matters to a family looking for a prolonged tenancy. As to be expected, London has fast become a growing hub for build-to-rent communities, where there are currently over 10,000 homes available to live. Outside of the capital city, the North West is seeing an exceptional demand for rental housing, with multi-family home developments on the rise.

A birdseye view of a luxury apartment building

What does the future of the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) look like?

Despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the past few years have showcased the resilience of the property market. In 2020, the value of the private rented sector increased by 5.8%, boosting its worth to £1.4 tn. Contributing to this growth, house values rose to around £258,900, which is an increase of an impressive 5.6% this year. Over the past twelve months, the demand for rental property has soared dramatically

  • 2022 forecasted for a 3% increase in the UK average house price
  • Demand for rental properties to remain high
  • Tenants seeking build-to-rent tenancies for a simpler way of renting
  • Student demand to continue strengthening in 2022 and beyond
  • Stronger rental growth expected for 2022

Surveys have concluded that almost 42% of landlords in the UK have claimed to detect an increase in demand for their properties. As the negative effects of the pandemic subside, private rent homes are expected to bounce back significantly. As house prices are predicted to continue to surge over the next few years in most areas of the country, the most affordable and attractive option for a lot of people will be renting. Studies have shown that 50% of current tenants expect to continue renting for the foreseeable future, as a result of the rising prices of home buying. Landlords expecting to capitalise on tenant demand should look to buy property in the country’s most emerging markets. Across the region, prime cities including Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds are renowned for generating the highest yields. The North West is seeing an incredible economic growth and thriving market conditions, particularly in comparison to London. With exciting infrastructure projects underway, regeneration schemes in motion and an abundance of residential developments in construction, investment opportunities are strong.

The Axium, a modern apartment development in Birmingham

Is build-to-rent the future of the private rented sector?

During the first half of 2021, around £2.5bn was invested into the build-to-rent sector in a bid to increase the supply of homes around the UK. This investment fund has increased by a huge 80% in comparison to the first half of 2020. The build-to-rent scheme is backed by the government for its powerful ability to produce mass homes for multiple families under one development block. In addition to the financial support, planning permissions increased by a further 52% amid the pandemic. The social implications of the restrictions have accelerated the renting population’s requirements to occupy homes that foster a sense of community. With togetherness and co-living at the forefront of the build-to-rent objectives, this lifestyle model continues to be favoured by many renters.

BTR investors can look towards a future that is lucrative, since rental costs are due to increase further and occupancy rates are expected to remain strong. Combined with high returns, capital appreciation is expected to be strong as the build-to-rent asset will rise steadily over time as house prices increase. Corporate and institutional investors remain attracted to this sector for the stable and high-quality properties that offer long-term returns.

An aerial view of London, showing impressive properties and historical buildings

Build-to-rent in London: Leading the way for purpose-built housing in the capital city

London is the UK’s build-to-rent hub, whereby the housing provision initially begun and continues to grow – it generates interest from young professionals working in the capital.

In the capital, you’ll find almost half of the country’s 150,000+ BTR homes, as well as 30,000 homes in the planning stage and another 10,000 already under construction. You can find these homes in some of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods—places like Canary Wharf or Camden, Nine Elms or Greenford. London’s housing market has always been in high demand, but with a new housing shortage brought on by Covid and more people leaving the city than ever before, BTR homes are really going to be in high demand.

Manchester’s build-to-rent sector

Manchester is world renowned for being one of the best places in the country for landlords, with a strong rental market and rising demand year after year. Over 31% of Manchester’s population now lives in private rent units, with many portfolio landlords in the city’s most desirable areas gaining rental yields of up to 8%. As a result, property investment in Manchester is thriving, with forecasts predicting substantial growth in the coming years. Consequently, developers have flocked to the city of Manchester in a mission to meet the demand for rental property.

Furthermore, a large percentage of city centre residents now pay an average of £1,141 per month and are prepared to pay these fees in exchange for the convenience and culture that comes with city life. The high quality of life, affordable housing, and other excellent factors contribute to Manchester’s continued appeal to tenants. Manchester also has the second-largest student population in the United Kingdom. Over 100,000 students currently attend Manchester’s five major universities, which are located in and around the city centre and the neighbouring city of Salford.

An aerial view of Manchester build-to-rent properties

As a result of the demand for property in Manchester, there is substantial scope for purpose-built properties for the pre-existing communities. There are many build-to-rent opportunities in Manchester and its surrounding areas, with future developments in the pipeline. The widespread concept of city centre living has been a catalyst for build-to-rent developments in this northern city. With more and more professionals gravitating towards an urban lifestyle, the modern qualities incorporated in most build-to-rent communities are highly desirable. There are several developments in Manchester, Salford and Bolton, offering spacious apartments and 3 or 4 bedroom houses.

From water-side, high-end apartments at Salford Quays to canal-side, luxury developments in South Manchester and Wigan, there are properties for all tastes and budgets. This includes furnished apartments with concierge and communal gardens, as well as pet and family-friendly houses that host regular social events for the residents. These developments differ from other tenancy options in that they include amenities such as green space, roof terraces and gyms, as well as on-site security and maintenance.

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