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Apartment block investments

High-yielding apartment blocks for sale in the UK’s leading cities

  • Over £75m GDV transacted in block and portfolio sales in the last 18 months for our clients.
  • BuyAssociation have a demonstrable track record of sourcing off-market deals for our clients.
  • We work with first time investors through to pension funds, REITS and Family offices.
  • We cover land with planning, freehold blocks, portfolios of HMO’s / houses and Social Housing portfolios.
  • Property acquired from leading developers in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and beyond.

Are you looking for apartment blocks for sale that yield high returns? Our experts can help you.

In order to properly navigate the property market and maximise income, investors should first seek out expert consultation. BuyAssociation is a forward-thinking, goal-orientated and reputable property consultancy firm that works ahead of the market in acquiring exclusive opportunities. Our highly regarded investment team represents a diverse client range: institutional funds, property companies, corporate occupiers, as well as private clients. We can help you to acquire lucrative developer stock that enhances your portfolio. BuyAssociation consultants are also committed to providing clients with valuable information to help them make well-informed decisions about future property investments.

Our proficiency for identifying prominent investment opportunities is fuelled by the market insights of our first-class industry contacts. When you work with us, we put your long-term and short-term goals at the heart of our services. We ensure that you receive unrivalled, bespoke services that are thoroughly tailored to your specific investment needs.

For access to one-of-a-kind investment properties in Manchester, Stockport, Liverpool, Reading and beyond, talk to us today. 

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Investing in apartment blocks for maximum returns

We collaborate with institutional partners in order to identify the best possible opportunities in the property market. For our partners and individual investors, purchasing an entire apartment block or multi-let – when done correctly – offers significant financial benefits. As a result, we look into acquiring various property conversions, houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and purpose-built developments in popular areas across the UK. Landlords that purchase a block rather than a single let gain the benefit of receiving multiple income streams from a series of tenants, therefore lessening the risk of missed payments that can stem from having to collect rental costs from single tenants.

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Multi-unit freehold blocks

In a multi-unit freehold block (MUFB), each residence is held under a separate freehold title, so no lease is enforceable on any unit. There are various arrangements for this property type, such as purpose-built buildings or flats, or homes that have been converted into flats. Common arrangements for this property type include:

  • There are multiple apartments, each with a separate tenancy agreement per resident/family.
  • There are private areas in each apartment that can only be accessed by the tenant.
  • Each household has its own entrance.
  • Some apartments have common areas like gardens or hallways that are available to all residents.
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Why invest in freehold blocks?

A landlord may choose to boost the capital value of their investment by acquiring it and then creating a structure with each unit enjoying its own leasehold title. By purchasing an entire block of units, institutional landlords can generate inflation-proof returns and high incomes over time.

Here are just some of the reasons to call us today for more information:

  • You’ll have enhanced security and protection during void periods due to the various rental income sources.
  • In contrast with more traditional buy-to-let investments, MUFB properties offer higher rental yields.
  • Affordable rental properties are still in high demand, particularly in city centres or areas within close proximity to business hubs and universities.
  • The process of purchasing multiple apartments within one building can be much less complex than individually investing.
  • Among tenants, you can attract students, working professionals, and families.

Apartment Blocks Properties

HMO property for sale

Due to the nationwide demand for affordable housing, coupled with the incentives offered to combat the undersupply of residential property, the private rental sector is now offering more HMOs than ever before. Put simply, a house in multiple occupation, or HMO, is a home occupied by more than two households or individual tenants who are not related. HMO licences were introduced under the 2004 Housing Act in a bid to safeguard tenants and landlords, as well as prevent overcrowding and improve overall property standards in the private sector. There is now a requirement that landlords operating large HMO properties (defined as five or more households sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities) obtain a licence. HMOs with fewer than three tenants may not need a licence, depending on local regulations. Depending on the local authority, additional licensing requirements may apply to all HMO properties in some cases. Students living in student houses near universities or in renovated blocks of flats might qualify for this type of housing.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are an appealing asset class for investors because of the lucrative rental income they can generate. Landlords looking to maximise their returns can secure a higher monthly rate from multiple sharers or simply charge on a single-room basis in order to make optimum profits. Generally, an HMO located within a student neighbourhood or city with a large young professional population can offer much higher yields than a single buy-to-let property would produce. Currently, the average yield for an HMO property is around 7.5%, which is 1.5% higher than the average yield landlords can expect from a standard buy-to-let investment property.

A row of HMO townhouses

The benefits of investing in an HMO

  • The demand for this type of housing is growing substantially, keeping void periods to a minimum.
  • Maximised ROI for investors due to the numerous streams of rental income.
  • HMOs are generally better value for money and offer flexibility for investors.
  • The risk of arrears is reduced as a single problematic tenant is unlikely to substantially damage your revenue.
  • Tax benefits can be greater than other investment strategies.
  • The transition from one tenant to another is usually much smoother, making maintenance less of a hassle as households move in and out.


If this investment strategy would complement your current portfolio or you wish to diversify your residential investment selection, BuyAssociation can determine the best course of action to acquire high-quality HMO properties in thriving locations.

Diversifying your portfolio by working with BuyAssociation

Meeting with investors one-on-one allows us to offer personalised property investment solutions by thoroughly understanding or assessing their stage of investment, their personal circumstances and their needs. Through their extensive education in property and multilingual skills, our team of dedicated property investment consultants is well positioned to serve clients from around the world. We not only teach and advise but also follow best practises in property investing.

Our property investment consultants are supported by a strong operational team that provides ongoing market research and exceptional customer service. As part of this, attentive assistance is provided throughout the construction and settlement process. We make it our priority to be your point of contact for any questions you may have or updates you might need throughout the process. If a client’s personal situation changes during the process of purchasing a home, we can provide support and guidance. Each and every investor and owner occupier is important to us, and we are available to offer support throughout your journey.

By working together, we can ensure that, from consultation right through to transaction completion, the process is hassle-free and straightforward. Let us take the complexities away from investment so that you can embark on a meaningful and valuable investment journey. We dedicate ourselves to providing the help you need to start earning profit from the moment we connect you to a developer. Let’s discuss your goals and achieve them today.


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Acquiring build-to-rent property

The rental investment landscape today has changed dramatically. Data indicates that the number of households occupied by private renters has been on an upwards trajectory since the start of the millennium. Therefore, rental housing needs to be built at scale – something that smaller landlords are unable to do effectively. Also, tax and regulatory changes are putting pressure on less experienced landlords, resulting in an empty market that has been grabbed by long-term institutional investors. As a result, the build-to-rent (BTR) model was established to provide institutional investors with developer stock that is purposely built for renting.

Purpose-built BTR properties have been developed as an alternative investment that is different in both physical and operational characteristics from converted stock. Blocks with many units offer the scale needed to attract large investments, which ensures that projects are built to tenants’ specifications and built to the best operational efficiency. With the sector’s maturation, alternative sources of capital have entered the residential market. In contrast to traditional housing, where short-term investment dominates, BTR properties are built to generate long-term income. In addition to helping meet long-term liabilities and protecting against inflation, this has made it appealing to institutional investors.

A view of Mayfield Park, Manchester, full of modern apartment blocks

Institutional investors could gain the following advantages by partnering with BTR developers:

  • Generation rent: This particular residential investment strategy is expected to grow exponentially in the next five years in response to the extensive demand for rental property. Around 4.4 million households in the UK rented their homes in 2021, with this number projected to increase as more and more young people encounter difficulties in getting onto the property ladder. Rising house prices will further encourage households to rent as the only viable option.
  • Government-backed incentives: The build-to-rent model is being firmly supported by the government in a bid to rectify and resolve the undersupply of housing in the UK. Developers are now offered tax incentives to motivate them into producing more homes under the BTR scheme. This indicates the considerable scope for profit as BTR popularises and dominates the private rental sector.
  • Long-term tenancies: One key element that differentiates traditional buy-to-let from build-to-rent properties is the additional security for tenants who sign up to live at these new homes. BTR is a model that works to future-proof the asset, offering tenancies of up to three years and ensuring rental income is protected.

We have a growing selection of build-to-rent opportunities that you can explore and learn more about. We search for upcoming projects close to city centres with a high student or young professional population, ensuring that demand remains strong and void periods are reduced.

Our experts are always on hand to provide you with any additional information you might need.

Find luxury apartment blocks for sale with BuyAssocation

We are constantly updating our portfolio with a variety of buy-to-let investment properties from first-class developers. If you are interested in building a high-yielding and sustainable portfolio, partner with us for exclusive access to our upcoming projects in the UK’s most prominent cities. We can find lucrative property-based products that suit your needs in Manchester, Stockport, Preston, Liverpool, Birmingham and more. BuyAssociation understands the importance of simplifying investment and obtaining capital from high-quality builds. Let us help you achieve financial success. 


Sign up for first access to new developments and exclusive property investment opportunities.

We send limited and targeted emails on new launches and exclusive deals which best fit your areas. We are trusted by over 26,000 active buyers as their source for new stock.

  • New property developments
  • Professional market reports
  • Property deal alerts
  • Development updates