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tall modern new-build properties in Mayfield Park, Manchester

Why invest in buy-to-let properties in Manchester?

  • Average house prices – £234,841 (January 2023) 
  • House price growth – 18.8% predicted growth by 2026
  • Average rental yield – 9.5% for city centre property (2023)
  • City centre population – 0.76% growth rate in 2023

Manchester continues to act as a magnet for investors, students, professionals, homeowners and tenants alike. At BuyAssociation, we have first-hand experience within Manchester’s property investment industry, which has advanced our knowledge and strengthened our ability to seek out lucrative, worthwhile investments in this impressive, high-growth city. Manchester is one of the North West’s busiest and largest cities, with over half a million people now choosing to call Manchester home. The infamous grounds of Manchester United at Old Trafford, the creative world-renowned Northern Quarter and noteworthy museums are just some of the great things that pull people to Manchester throughout the year.

Property investments in Manchester

Manchester university

How Manchester’s buy-to-let property investment market is thriving

The positive transformation that this extraordinary northern city has experienced in previous years is undeniable. Even with lockdown’s detrimental effects on many UK markets, Manchester has continued to thrive in the buy-to-let sector, proving ever more popular with residents moving into the city. Manchester has an exceptionally strong private rented sector, which continues to contribute largely to the region’s total economic value. As a result of the city-centre lifestyle popularising rapidly over the past few years, Manchester’s population grew by 0.73% in 2020, taking the overall figure to 2,750,000 (as of July 2021), this figure is expected to rise exponentially over the next 5 years, due to the ongoing development plans, career prospects and transport infrastructure plans in the pipeline. Manchester is recognised for being one of the best places in the country for landlords, whereby the rental market has strengthened year upon year with increasing demands. Over 31% of Manchester’s population currently live in private rental properties, with rental yields sitting comfortably at 8% for many portfolio landlords in prominent parts of the city.

Scenic photo of a rental property in Manchester City Centre

A big percentage of city centre residents now pay an average of around £1,141 a month and are willing to pay these costs in order to benefit from the convenience and culture associated with city living.  Key contributing factors that make Manchester so attractive to tenants include the low cost of living, affordable housing, young demographic, large student population and varied range of property types available. With this in mind, investors of buy-to-let properties in this northern city can expect to reap the benefits of rental price growth and perpetual demand.

Manchester city centre has been bursting with business opportunities in multiple sectors and industries since as early as the Industrial Revolution. Representing the largest UK city region economy outside London, Manchester has been established year upon year as an ideal place for reputable businesses. Many young professionals are allured by the business scene in Manchester, due to the high average salaries (approximately £34,000), unique career prospects, exciting companies and recent job growth.

Immensely high student population with five major universities

Rental demand is immensely high in Manchester, particularly from postgraduate students that choose to stay in the city after University and young professionals relocating from London. For young professionals, Manchester is an ideal location to live, work and socialise due to the thriving business communities, low-cost rent  and vibrant culture. Furthermore, Manchester is home to the second largest student population in the UK. There are currently over 100,000 students attending Manchester’s five major universities that are situated around the city centre and neighbouring city of Salford, with a further 400,000 studying at nearby universities stationed just an hour’s drive away from the centre of Manchester.

With three of the UK’s top ranking universities (The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music) based in Manchester, this exciting city holds a strong reputation across the globe. Consequently, there is a proliferation in demand for rental properties across the city due to the continuous influx of students. Manchester’s top universities are applauded and recognised for their 50% graduate retention rate, which drives a substantial number of international students towards the city of Manchester to complete their educational journeys.

Modern new-build apartment buildings in Manchester Spinningfields

Regeneration in Manchester city centre

It is with thanks to the ongoing regeneration and creative development schemes that Manchester has earned an unmatched reputation for opportunity in its property market. The multi-billion-pound regeneration scheme that has transformed the city in both transport and business sectors has stimulated a huge influx of investment interest over the last few years. From the successful urban regeneration project of Spinningfields, which now houses over 165 financial and commercial organisations, right through to Manchester Airport’s expansion plan, aiming to accommodate up to 50 million more visitors annually by 2024 – the development plans scheduled for Manchester aim to completely evolve the city.

View of high-rise apartment buildings and a tram-line in Manchester

Fantastic transport links and connectivity 

Manchester’s highly accessible and efficient public transport services make this place one of the most connected cities in the country.  The world-class transport facilities enable workers and residents to commute with ease via train, tram and bus into and out of the city centre. The proficiency of the rail network is hugely beneficial to those that work in and around the city, as this provides regular access to the area from other key cities such as London, Liverpool and Birmingham. As the heart of the Northern powerhouse initiative, there have been multiple investments into Manchester’s public transport sector, including the introduction of Europe’s largest infrastructure project, HS2. This high-speed railway service will operate between the North West, West Midlands, Scotland and London in efforts to better connect the UK’s biggest cities and cut travel time dramatically. As a result, upon completion, this project will encourage a major rise in both population and investment.

Stunning view of the architecture in Media City, Manchester

Manchester’s business scene and thriving economy

As the home of the University of Manchester, where scientific research has been continually commended, Manchester is now known as a focal point for research and enterprise. From this, Manchester has taken its place in the ranks as one of the most influential cities in the world. In recent years, Manchester has become a hub for creative and digital industries, attracting hundreds of organisations from across the region to relocate to this dynamic city and adjoining city of Salford. Since the arrival of MediaCityUk in 2007, numerous notable companies (including ITV and BBC) have transported themselves to Salford Quays, driving additional career opportunities and making an impactful contribution to the city’s economy.

Photo of a build-to-rent property in Manchester with big windows and balconies

Build-to-rent in Manchester

Manchester is one of the UK’s leading cities for all housing provisions. Build-to-rent is just one of the investment strategies that many of Manchester’s landlords are earning high returns from.

What is Build to Rent? Build to rent refers to purpose built rental accommodation that includes additional services to make renting easier for residents.

For investors looking to diversify their portfolios, build-to-rent comes with a plethora of benefits.Not only do you get a steady stream of income that isn’t subject to the whims and fluctuations of the housing market, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is backed by an asset that will gain capital appreciation over time.

The Build-to-Rent properties in Manchester feature high-quality security systems, sleek and modern design, and facilities that make this type of property second-to-none.

Our portfolio of investment properties for sale in Manchester

At BuyAssociation, we gain access to Manchester’s most valuable developments from experienced developers. As a city offering strong rental yields for landlords, we help our investors to search for profitable, meaningful and high-demand residential properties in Manchester. We collate an evolving portfolio of exclusive investor stock for our community to invest in. By working hard to source a wide range of property types, such as HMOs, social housing and buy-to-let properties, we endeavour to adhere to the varying requirements of each individual client.

Photo of the street and buildings in Ancoats, Manchester
Photo of The Press, a rental development based in the business district N.O.M.A, Manchester

The importance of location when investing in property

At BuyAssociation, we source investment opportunities by conducting significant research on data and statistics, market forecasts, average property prices, economic growth and tenant demand. By paying attention to exciting locations with endless opportunities in industry and property, we can acquire developments that will maximise property portfolios. It is crucial as a property investor to focus on locations with strong metrics and positive forecasts.

Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced property buyer, the following primary factors should always be considered when searching for advantageous investment property:

  • House values

    Taking into account the intended value of your property once it comes to reselling is vital for achieving capital appreciation. As part of your location research, take a look into the significantly higher valued homes and where they may be placed across the city. You want to ensure that the price you pay for a property is worth exactly what you pay, factoring in any additional costs such as requirements for renovation, property taxes and maintenance.

  • Rental prices and demand

    City centre living is popularising in many key cities across the country. For this reason, many tenants are willing to pay a high rental cost for the convenience of living in a central area in close proximity to universities, businesses and retail. By researching the average rent charges of different locations of interest, you will be able to accurately estimate the rental costs you should be charging. Similarly, it is essential that the location you pick has constant rental demand in order to avoid void periods and loss of income.

  • Market growth

    Investing in a prime area predicted for strong future growth is crucial to your decision making. By analysing the forecasts for population and economic growth, you should be able to narrow your search. As an increase in population occurs, the demand for housing correlates, leading to an even larger increase in investment opportunities.

  • Business opportunities

    Many of the UK’s biggest cities have transformed into specialised business hubs for a variety of sectors. By looking into the prospects for careers and upcoming jobs in different areas, you should gain an understanding of how likely people are to move to that location. Most of the UK’s thriving cities are also prominent for business, meaning that a rise in population is inevitable where people wish to relocate to advance their careers.

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