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Area guides

Whether you’d prefer to invest in a location that’s close to home and familiar to you, or if you’re comfortable entering new territory in order to get the best opportunities, choosing a location for your property investment is a big step.

One way you can maximise your investment’s potential is by choosing a property somewhere that’s up and coming rather than already at its peak. This involves not just looking at house price trends, which can be unreliable, but looking at where the next transport or infrastructure changes are going to take place, or where a large regeneration project is planned or underway. That is how BuyAssociation selects its investment opportunities – by finding emerging markets and up and coming areas, as well as those that have seen vast improvements but still have more to give.

We regularly publish articles covering the latest news, regeneration projects and statistics covering specific parts of the UK, keeping our audience up to date with where the next property investment hotspot might be. You can also speak to our team to find out where our best opportunities are right now. Click on one of our area guides below for more in-depth information on some of the key investment areas in the UK.