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Stockport property markets

Where is Stockport and why should you invest in real estate here?

Stockport is a borough in Greater Manchester, England. It is located north of the city centre and borders Cheshire on its east side. Stockport is the most populous borough in the Greater Manchester Built-up Area, with a population of 291,700.

In property terms, Stockport is a town in Greater Manchester that deserves a place in the list of top places for investment. The demand for property is high with rental yields increasing year upon year, making Stockport a fast-growing hub of investment opportunities. Due to the popularity of Manchester’s city centre and the prospect of city living that many residents favour, Stockport can often be forgotten. However, the ongoing, large-scale regeneration plans have sought to transform, expand and enhance Town Centre West (also known as the Mayoral Development Cooperation), offering a plethora of opportunities for developers, investors and buyers.


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Stockport council revealed that 1,000 new homes would be built to accommodate a rise in demand for tenants and buyers. It is expected that at least 250 homes will be delivered annually for the next 6 years, with exciting developments scheduled up until 2026. In conjunction with residential development plans, the recent completion of one million square feet of additional office space has enabled more and more businesses to migrate to Stockport. With such a huge amount of regeneration and development, the career prospects are expected to increase massively, with a high influx of jobs anticipated. The resounding recognition for Stockport’s transformation as regards business, economy and regeneration is well deserved. With this understated North West town now widely considered a property development hotspot, now is an extremely advantageous time to expand your portfolio with the lucrative industrial, commercial and residential property investment opportunities it offers. The prosperous property market in this area continues to grow in direct correlation with the wide range of thriving businesses choosing to base themselves here.

Property investments in Stockport


Key points that continue to draw investors and developers to Stockport include:

  • Buyer interest has increased by 25% since March 2021
  • House prices to rise by 28.8% over the next 5 years
  • Rental yields reaching up to 6% with potential to increase
  • Named the fastest growing economy in the North West
  • Reputable businesses continue to relocate to the modern office space developments

A thriving centre for business and the fast-growing economy

Prominent commercial developments in Stockport, over previous years, have certainly pioneered the Stockport revolution, providing residents and visitors with a profusion of entertainment and restaurants. The Red Rock complex breathes new life into this town, adding a leisure complex comprising cinemas, bars, cafes and a contemporary gym. With brand-new leisure facilities implemented for residents to enjoy and countless job opportunities becoming available, the attraction to live, work and invest in Stockport has never been higher.

The construction of the Stockport Exchange business district has had an immense positive impact on the town, as hundreds of businesses deem this location a sensational spot for relocation. Due to this project’s success, Stockport has now been identified as one of the top 10 UK areas for office occupier investment. The modern office spaces, amenities and connectivity to business hotspots have resulted in a successful, huge draw of established businesses towards Stockport.

This impressive scheme has been an exceptional avenue for business and investment opportunities, as the council and local developers seek to contribute to the newly improved, thriving town.

Attributable to these recent developments and forthcoming plans, Stockport is now one of the fastest-growing areas in the UK, offering exceptionally high returns on investment since house prices and rental costs have soared. The continuous rise in property investment is thanks to the property price increase of 15% from August 2020 to July 2021 – taking the average price to £308k. The data and analysis of the property market show that buy-to-let property investors have an opportunity to get ahead of the market and benefit from the forecasted growth. Employment levels in this location are at an all-time high, with no indication of slowing down. With this in mind, the younger demographic looking to kickstart their careers in Stockport’s invigorating business districts will continue demanding rental property.


Fantastic transport links and close proximity to Manchester city centre

As a Greater Manchester town positioned just 6.5 miles away from the centre of Manchester, the fantastic transport links in Stockport provide frequent, quick and easy access to the city. This is particularly useful for students studying at one of the five world-renowned universities in Greater Manchester, where those wishing to live outside of central student districts can still commute quickly. With its conveniently placed position, many young professionals and families find Stockport a brilliant place to call home. Stockport is a prime location for travel to many other favourite destinations, with trains from Stockport to London Euston operating regularly on a daily basis.

Another example, Stockport’s location enables those that work and regularly visit the city of Manchester to effectively commute back and forth between the two areas. What’s more, incorporated in redevelopment programmes approved by the council, Stockport’s current bus station is looking to be remodelled in an effort to even more efficiently connect the two hotspots via a new Transport Interchange.. This excellent location enables those that work and regularly visit the city of Manchester to effectively commute between the two areas. As well as this, Stockport is highly convenient for air travel, being based just 5 miles from Manchester Airport.

What attracts people to Stockport?

Stockport is an ideal location to live and work due to the abundance of local businesses, rich history and scenic parks and attractions. Perfectly bridging the gap between the beautiful landscapes of Cheshire and the hustle and bustle of Manchester – Stockport offers the perfect balance for those seeking cosmopolitan city living with plenty of lush green spaces still within reach. Whether you are looking for a property to rent, wanting to purchase your first home or build up your investment portfolio – Stockport offers a range of property types that cater to all. This attractive location has an impeccable mix of a lively town centre and nightlife, diverse shops and restaurants and serene family neighbourhoods. The assortment of properties and amenities exemplify the very reason why businesses and residents are so keen to live there.

The property variation that scatters the city and outskirts of Stockport include flats, two-bed apartments, manor homes and shared housing properties – all of which are popular property types for buy-to-let investors. Most importantly, the rental income that investors are now benefiting from in Stockport is strong and stable. The average rental cost in 2021 stands at £657 a month, varying slightly across property types. However, young professionals are continually looking to rent in Stockport town centre for a better standard of living in comparison to city centre living. Consequently, buy-to-let investments are of exceptional value in this vibrant town centre.

Our strong selection of investment properties in Stockport

At BuyAssociation, we gain access to Stockport’s most relevant developments as they continue to thrive and attain a fantastic reputation. We wholly believe in the incredible potential that this town emanates, offering solid rental income and capital gains. With careful consideration of the statistical data and future forecasts, our experts understand Stockport to be a strong performer in the property investment industry. Moreover, the excellent connection to industry, momentous developments and the nearby job opportunities illustrate how Stockport is fast-becoming an ideal destination for worthwhile investment.

We collate a growing collection of first-class investor stock in a growing and emerging property market. Nonetheless, our efforts do not halt at our current portfolio, as we are always on the lookout for unique opportunities, and, ever at the forefront of our mind, we aim to keep our members up to date with the latest developments and plans.

BuyAssociation works hard to source a mixture of housing options to meet the requirements of both emerging and well-established investors and buyers, always bearing in mind the expectations and demands of our community. The newly acquired residential project we have sourced comprises bespoke one-bed and two-bed apartments, boasting the highest-quality furnishings and amenities. Situated in the heart of Stockport, these luxury residences radiate class and sophistication, embedding style and elegance into this dynamic Manchester town. With residential projects due for completion in 2021 and 2022, we are passionate about connecting our clients with the ambitious development teams delivering them.


Ropemakers Yard - Stockport

Ropemakers Yard, Stockport

Discounted off-plan 2-bed prices from £162,000

Completion date – Q4 2021

Rental yields – 6% plus

The importance of location when investing in property

At BuyAssociation, we source investment opportunities by conducting significant research on data and statistics, market forecasts, average property prices, economic growth and tenant demand. By paying attention to exciting locations with endless opportunities in industry and property, we can acquire developments that will maximise property portfolios. It is crucial as a property investor to focus on locations with strong metrics and positive forecasts.

Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced property buyer, the following primary factors should always be considered when searching for advantageous investment property:

  • House values

    Taking into account the intended value of your property once it comes to reselling is vital for achieving capital appreciation. As part of your location research, take a look into the significantly higher valued homes and where they may be placed across the city. You want to ensure that the price you pay for a property is worth exactly what you pay, factoring in any additional costs such as requirements for renovation, property taxes and maintenance.

  • Rental prices and demand

    City centre living is popularising in many key cities across the country. For this reason, many tenants are willing to pay a high rental cost for the convenience of living in a central area in close proximity to universities, businesses and retail. By researching the average rent charges of different locations of interest, you will be able to accurately estimate the rental costs you should be charging. Similarly, it is essential that the location you pick has constant rental demand in order to avoid void periods and loss of income.

  • Market growth

    Investing in a prime area predicted for strong future growth is crucial to your decision making. By analysing the forecasts for population and economic growth, you should be able to narrow your search. As an increase in population occurs, the demand for housing correlates, leading to an even larger increase in investment opportunities.

  • Business opportunities

    Many of the UK’s biggest cities have transformed into specialised business hubs for a variety of sectors. By looking into the prospects for careers and upcoming jobs in different areas, you should gain an understanding of how likely people are to move to that location. Most of the UK’s thriving cities are also prominent for business, meaning that a rise in population is inevitable where people wish to relocate to advance their careers.

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