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Lucrative housing association leases providing secure and assured income for our investors.

  • Free property and lettings management on newly refurbished properties
  • Strong demand for social housing reduces the likelihood of void periods
  • Government housing contracts on social housing leases from 5 to 10 years
  • Partnerships with UK’s leading social and care operators along with local councils

If you’re looking to invest in social housing, we can grant you access to various housing association leases.

We help our investors secure immediate, assured income.

Social housing is a vital part of any community. It provides a safe, secure home for those who may otherwise be unable to afford it, and it gives institutional investors a steady and secure income.

When you invest in social housing projects, you can rest assured that your investment will be protected by long-term government leases of up to 20 years.

When you work with BuyAssociation, we provide hassle-free, seamless experiences for all our clients.

Our prominent market position, combined with our consultative approach and unmatched industry experience, makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients secure valuable investment properties.

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What is social housing?

Social housing is a term coined to describe the affordable housing made available by the government for those on who need it. This lower-cost accommodation aims to ensure that all households in the UK are provided for, despite being unable to afford to buy or rent a standard property. This type of housing was established as an alternative to the private rental sector, offering cheaper rent prices, long-term tenancies and a stable place to live. Social housing is generally provided by local councils, housing associations, registered charities and social care operators. A social tenant directly reports to and pays rent to the organisation, acting as a landlord to the property. 

In order to determine the rental costs of properties in each area, the average local income is used to calculate the rent price fairly. Unlike residential property in the private rental sector, social housing is not intended to generate profits. Instead, this provision of housing is put in place to reduce homelessness, help other vulnerable members of the public and tackle the housing crisis issue in the UK.

Who is social housing for?

As previously mentioned, the purpose of social housing is normally to house those with low or no incomes who would otherwise struggle to obtain housing without the provision, allowing them to benefit from affordable rent. The key difference between letting a private rental home and letting a social housing property is how tenants are selected.

This affordable housing option is provided to tenants who need it most – working from a priority list to protect the most vulnerable from homelessness, threat or eviction. Although anyone in the UK can apply for social housing, the eligibility criteria is based on how crucially each person or household requires a home.

Each local authority or housing association may lay out their own eligibility policies, whereby the priority list differs depending on the most problematic situations among their community.

Priority tenants for social housing include:

  • Those with disabilities or medical needs
  • Single parents
  • Elderly people
  • Those currently living in poor or unsanitary living conditions
  • People living in overcrowded households
  • Young families on low incomes with dependent children
  • Refugees, migrants or asylum seekers
  • Homeless people (those who are legally classified as homeless or are being threatened with homelessness).

Why is social housing important?

For decades, social housing has played a significant role in providing homes for individuals under threat, living in poverty or facing homelessness. This type of housing has met the needs of thousands of individuals in the country, giving them the quality of life they may have otherwise never experienced. Without this provision in place, many vulnerable people could end up in unsafe spaces or living on the streets. For this reason, the social housing sector works to make new homes accessible to all – regardless of their income or situation. Social housing landlords must meet the requirements set out by building safety legislation in order to best protect tenants.

Unfortunately, the sector has encountered several fluctuations in the building of these homes, with affordable housing progressively becoming less available over the years. In 2018, the number of purpose-built houses being constructed for those in need had declined to just 6,287 annually, completely undersupplying the demand for housing, which, at the time, was a list of around 1.1 million people in vital need of a home. 

There are four key reasons why affordable housing is so important to the UK:

  1. The UK’s population has substantially increased in the past 10 years. The average population growth rate is around 0.6% year upon year. With this in mind, it is paramount that the amount of available housing correlates with the growth.
  2. House-building numbers have also fallen to a record low for the past decade. This has contributed to the growing urgency for new homes at affordable rates. With research suggesting that last year alone, the UK delivered 57,644 affordable homes, which is almost 90,000 shy of the target set to solve the housing shortage, there has never been a more important time to build residential properties.
  3. Rent and other housing costs have risen exponentially, with prices predicted to grow even further in the coming years. It has been suggested that the higher property prices rise, the more difficult it will be for young people, migrants and vulnerable individuals to obtain housing. Consequently, the low-cost rents associated with social housing are desperately needed to balance the rising house costs that are rampant in the private rental sector.
  4. Social housing provides people with security. The stable tenancies given to tenants living in these homes are intended to protect them from eviction. Additionally, social tenants also gain the assurance that their homes meet health and safety standards, as newer purpose-built homes are more likely to be built to a higher quality.

Providing safe and secure homes for asylum seekers

More than half (58%) of the population increase, which occurred between 1991 and 2018, was due to rising numbers of net migration. As the number of refugees increases year upon year, finding suitable accommodation that is safe, accessible, affordable and secure is paramount. In a bid to supply these purpose-built homes, the government awarded both Mears Group and Serco Group with £2.9 billion to provide accommodation for asylum seekers. By allocating these social housing funds to housing and property service providers, this sector is expected to transform, improve and strengthen. The new Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts (AASC) were put in place to assist people through the asylum process and provide access to professional support. These new contracts are designed to improve the asylum system in building a higher standard of social housing for vulnerable individuals in the UK. Social housing providers now have a duty to ensure that rigorous maintenance checks are carried out regularly, reporting back any issues to the Home Office once inspections are completed. Additionally, the policies put in place prevent identified issues from abandonment, as issues must be resolved within a set timescale.

Invest in social housing with BuyAssociation

Mears and Serco have acquired properties across the north of England on social housing leases ranging from 5 to 10 years, enabling our investors at BuyAssociation to secure immediate, assured income from these properties.

Some of the biggest risks for any property investor is the potential for capital loss and fluctuations in income. The residential market is notoriously volatile, which is why government-backed housing makes for a lucrative and secure investment alternative. Social housing is an area that allows investors to not only gain strong financial returns but also enables them to make a positive difference to society. The government funding allocated towards this housing provision ensures that investors working with BuyAssociation receive a consistent income from the moment a purchase is completed. Institutional investors have shown an increased interest in the high yields produced by this small market, as well as the positive impact that their investment funds have made for vulnerable individuals and families.

The properties secured by corporate tenants Serco and Mears have opened up various opportunities for our investors at BuyAssociation. By allocating capital to these assets, investors can expect to benefit from resilient long-term cash flows. In addition, the social housing sector has proven itself as an extremely robust area in the property market, despite economic downturns experienced over the course of the pandemic. For this reason, investing in social housing projects can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and ethically.

By working with us, we can direct you towards securing assured rent housing association leases and assist you throughout the investment process. Our proficient team of consultants are on hand to provide you with the guidance needed all the way through to completion. From directing you to insurance advisors to assisting in obtaining the relevant safety certificates, BuyAssociation works with you to make sure your experience is smooth, hassle-free and lucrative.

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Our approach

  • Smooth investment process

    We work meticulously to provide our clients with a streamlined experience to accelerate the investment process. We strive to alleviate the hassle of investing and make purchasing off-plan property as simple as possible. By taking a hands-on approach and offering a high level of support, our clients can purchase property stock with certainty. Our clients are confident in their investment decisions because we demonstrate our competency and proficiency in everything we do. As part of our highly organised process, we ensure that we communicate regularly and transparently with our investors. All communications, transactions, and handovers are documented with a paper trail. As a result of our close attention to the investment process and collating all of the key data, our clients have an accurate record of each action that has occurred leading up to their transactions.

  • Emerging and prominent locations

    We focus on identifying the most promising, emerging and prosperous areas throughout the country. In our research, we examine forecasts, economic growth, and upcoming development plans that we believe will have the greatest impact on our investors. By looking at property prices, rental yields, buy-to-let demand and population data, we are able to identify the most prominent trends and areas in the UK. Our objective is to partner with investors and developers to create exceptional investment opportunities in exceptional locations. Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Salford, Birmingham and Nottingham currently receive the majority of our attention. As exciting property hotspots with strong growth potential in the years to come, we work hard to secure opportunities for our clients in these cities.

  • Off-plan property discounts

    When investing in off-plan property, market prices are likely to rise before the property is completed, allowing the investor to benefit from capital growth as the market value rises. Through a combination of our powerful position in the investment market and strong links with industry partners, we are able to acquire off-plan property opportunities below market price for our clients. We work hard to unite reputable developers with our committed investors at the early stages of the development process, as this enables them to benefit from discounted purchase prices.

  • Consultative approach

    Here at BuyAssociation, we firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing. We ensure that each investor receives a tailored experience from a member of our qualified, experienced team of advisors. Investors can rest assured that their needs will be catered to with a range of premium services and industry advice. The way we provide a personal approach is by understanding our clients’ property objectives and taking the time to understand their circumstances. Taking into account our clients’ targets, property preferences, and existing portfolios, we can determine the best course of action. Our client-focused process assists you in making an informed decision by identifying the most suitable properties for you.

How can our property investment experts help you to achieve your goals?

As an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio, you may find it difficult, especially in this current landscape, to navigate the industry and locate worthwhile investment opportunities that offer maximum long-term returns. At BuyAssociation, we are committed to providing our clients with a hassle-free, personable and straightforward experience in their investment ventures. Taking away the complexity of the transaction process is our priority, and we are here to assist and guide you through the entire process. Moreover, our investors receive access to some of the most lucrative, high-yielding buy-to-let, build-to-rent and social housing developments. The team of experienced consultants at BuyAssociation will help you obtain the off-market investments you need to expand your portfolio. We source residences that you won’t be able to find anywhere else – completely free of charge. You will be guided towards your objectives as a client of our company by our compassionate and client-oriented consultants. You can trust BuyAssociation to help you reach your investment goals if you choose us for your investment journey. Speak with our property consultants today to find out about the best deals, discounts and opportunities available. Whatever your level of expertise, we can assist, whether you are a seasoned investor or a portfolio landlord.



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