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Refer and Earn

Help us keep the cost of promoting our investment properties down and we will share some of the savings with you directly.

For every client you refer who makes a property investment directly with BuyAssociation, you can earn cash rewards or money towards a future purchase. It’s really easy to get started. Simply become a member, login and use any of the sharing buttons across the site.

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Sign up to access your own personal tracking link and referral tools. It’s free of charge and easy to use, giving you access to exclusive off-market properties.

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Once logged in, share your personal tracking link with any friends, colleagues or followers that register with us. It is GDPR friendly and will be fully tracked in our sales system.

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Get rewarded

When you refer someone who then goes on to invest with us, we will reward you with a cash amount of £1,000 or £500 if purchase value is under £150,000*.

Please contact us directly for details on partnerships and agents.

*Rewarded upon successful exchange and purchase of a BuyAssociation property investment. In the event of a purchase under £150k in value, you may receive a reduced fee but no less than £500.

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