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HMO properties are fast becoming increasingly lucrative and prevalent investments amongst UK rental properties, offering the highest rental yields in the market.

Our award-winning real estate investment consultancy will provide you with access to the UK’s most reputable developers, as well as unique investment opportunities. Boasting over a decade of extensive industry experience and knowledge, BuyAssociation consistently sources and builds off-market opportunities across the UK.

 At BuyAssociation, we recognize the importance of obtaining high-quality, unique investment properties at the best price. 

We provide reliable, consultative guidance and one-of-a-kind opportunities for investors in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and elsewhere across the UK. BuyAssociation is committed to delivering investment properties as part of a hassle-free, straightforward process. If you wish to benefit from our distinctive opportunities from trustworthy consultants, discuss your goals with us today.

What is an HMO in real estate?

As the name suggests, an HMO is a residential property comprising multiple occupancies under one roof. This term is broadly also broadly known as either bedsit style housing and house share accommodation. However, – HMO policies must not be confused with joint tenancies, as there is a clear legal definition for what constitutes an official HMO property. An HMO building will consist of subdivided rooms that are let on a room-by-room basis, where occupants derive from more than one household.

As an experienced investor in the property market, you may be inclined to build upon your portfolio with a diverse range of property types. Housing in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) is fast becoming a favored type of rental property amongst UK and overseas investors. After thorough research into the benefits of HMO properties, you will understand the key advantages to obtain an HMO property as part of your portfolio expansion.

A property is categorized as an HMO when it contains at least 3 separate households that are completely unrelated. Similarly, a ‘large HMO’ operates slightly differently and refers to a home that inhabits more than 5 households. The individual occupants will sign a tenancy contract that provides access to a private bedroom within the building; however, these occupants will share amenities such as bathroom facilities and kitchen facilities. All in all, HMO properties are an extremely cost-effective and popular choice in regard to rental properties. They prove particularly beneficial for students and young professionals that have less disposable income and are looking for affordable housing during study periods or their careers.

Investing in HMO property with a reputable property investment consultancy

The property investment opportunities sourced by BuyAssociation are unlike any other. We grant exclusive access to investors on new launches – direct from leading developers. Our forward-thinking, progressive process involves keeping track of the latest projects, ensuring that we are always ahead of the market. We identify unique opportunities and send them straight to our community of investors free of charge, acquiring innovative properties from emerging developers in high-demand locations.

Our team of trustworthy, competent and friendly individuals can alleviate the stress of property management. Supporting your HMO investment at every turn, from identifying suitable properties to obtaining necessary planning permissions, finding and managing tenants and completing paperwork, our qualified team will take care of it all.

HMO Properties Properties

Working with BuyAssociation – our process

BuyAssociation is avidly devoted to meeting the requirements of investors by providing a large range of opportunities within the property investment sector. We understand the importance of responding to demands, ensuring that we supply a diverse collection of investment opportunities. With the fast-growing popularity of HMO properties, our renowned company takes pride in offering both hands-off and fully managed HMO properties around the UK. We work closely with three HMO build partners; all of which have a fantastic track record for the deliverance of high-quality developments in the North West and throughout the country. We cooperate with developers to fund and source fully managed, refurbished investment properties to make sure that the HMOs we offer are of extremely high standard.

  • Discounted investments

    We engage with investors and developers at the very first stages of the development process to ensure that partnerships are accomplished at the most advantageous time for pricing. Investing early establishes potential for high returns over a long period of time. Our unique position in the property market since 2005 places us in an extremely advantageous position when it comes to supplying well-priced opportunities at pivotal moments. By working with us and exploring investment properties sourced by BuyAssociation, you can rest assured that you are gaining access to some of the best costs in the market, for exclusive properties that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Personal approach

    At BuyAssociation, we understand that each investor partakes in a different journey – no experience is the same. For this reason, we take a comprehensive, consultative personal approach to property investment. Our client-focused process allows us to discuss your budget, goals and ideas to suggest a suitable property for you. We take great care in providing investors and partners with bespoke services, taking into account individual requirements and tailoring our guidance to help clients in achieving their property goals.

  • Straightforward process

    Our team of award-winning consultants work hard to achieve a smooth and simple process from start to finish with every client. By applying our in-depth knowledge, professionalism, and diligence to everything we do, we can ensure that our clients feel at ease and confident in their purchasing decisions. We connect investors to the leading vendors, allowing transactions to take place with ease. We prioritise effective communication and highly organised structures, meaning that our clients are always in the loop and regularly updated with project information. All transactions, communications and handovers are thoroughly documented, enabling a clear paper trail for clients to reflect on and refer to throughout the investment process.

  • Prime locations

    We conduct thorough research of the highest rental yield locations across the UK, working with first-class property developers to deliver properties that exceed the expectations of investors. By factoring in ideal locations that are persistently in demand, we can ensure that the investment opportunities we acquire are highly beneficial for rental returns and future prospects. Although we work with emerging developers and highly established development companies worldwide, some of our exciting property hotspots include Greater Manchester, Salford, Bolton and South Yorkshire.

Why are HMO properties a good investment?

As an investor, securing a diverse property portfolio places you in a strong position in the market. Managing a wide range of properties enables you to more easily adapt to changing forecasts and widens your analytical scope when reviewing the performance of your assets to evaluate where your returns are highest. In analyzing the data of recent years, as well as of the ages and lifestyles of those looking to rent around the country, it is apparent that the demand for shared housing has been consistently high across all major cities – particularly where higher education institutes are based. Conclusively, HMO properties have a multitude of financial benefits for both investors and tenants alike.

  • Reduced risk of void periods

    In addition to producing the highest yields, HMO properties provide extra security when it comes to missed payments. Where single-let properties solely rely on one income, multi-let properties decrease the risk of complications as there are numerous incomes in the mix. The sources of income in an HMO property tend to be combined to calculate the overall rental cost of the property. Therefore, if a singular tenant fails to pay their monthly contribution, only a segment of your income will be compromised – rather than the entire rental price.

  • Higher return on investment

    Multi-let properties are commonly known for providing a significantly higher yield than single-let properties, due to the rental income obtained from multiple tenants living in one single property. In accordance with recent property market analysis, the average HMO rental yield currently stands at around 7%, which is 1.5% higher than the overall rental yield average. With BuyAssociation, investing in an HMO property will provide you with an average return of 10-15%. 

  • Create passive income

    HMO properties are considered excellent opportunities for maximising profits from your investments. The reason being – rental contracts are given to each individual unit occupying a room in your HMO building. Rental income potential can be marginally higher than a single-let property, as you can charge each tenant higher for their rent and bills. Essentially, you can expect to make double the amount on your HMO than your single let. This amount will increase depending on the size of your HMO – if you have 6+ tenants living in a high-demand apartment in a prime location, you will see consistently high returns. The scale of your returns hangs upon strategy, market knowledge and careful consideration of how and where your property operates.

  • Ideal tenant types

    A key element of the letting process is considering the type of tenant that you intend to occupy the property. With HMO properties especially, when it comes to targeting the right tenant type, it is essential to target people with similar lifestyles to ensure they live together harmoniously. For example, mixing student tenants with a family household could be highly detrimental to your inhabitants, causing unnecessary issues for you as the landlord to resolve. It is recommended that HMO landlords research the surrounding demographics and target potential tenants accordingly.

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Things to consider before investing in an HMO property

In contrast to standard buy-to-let property investments, this type of property investment process comes with many complexities and higher regulatory standards. Investors must ensure they comply with legislation and understand the licensing requirements before adding an HMO to their evolving portfolio. At BuyAssociation, we can direct you to our development partners who can provide valuable advice and information regarding the policies and legislations involved. That way, you can make certain that you are fully aware of how an HMO building should legally operate before you commit to your investment.

It is crucial to acknowledge the obstacles that come with investing in this type of property, as the process of letting an HMO differentiates from standard BTL properties. It is especially difficult in recent years to identify an appropriate building for HMO purposes, as the Government criteria can be hard to meet. However, at BuyAssociation, our developer partners are continuously striving to locate eligible property types and currently hold a strong collection of HMO property investment opportunities. By investing in our exclusive supply, you can rest assured that your HMO will be adapted and tailored to meet legal requirements.

The management of an HMO can also be long-winded and complicated due to the various contracts and tenants involved. In order to financially benefit from your investment, it is crucial that your property is managed with accuracy and skill.

Licensing and regulations for HMO landlords

The Housing Act 2004 saw the introduction of HMO licences, which were put in place as a means to protect tenants and landlords in a bid to prevent overcrowding and implement firmer fire safety measures. A licence has become mandatory for landlords operating large HMO properties (defined as 5 households or more with tenants sharing bathroom or kitchen facilities). On the contrary, smaller HMOs (a property divided between at least 3 tenants) may be exempt from licensing depending on local authority legislation. In some cases, at the local authority’s discretion, additional licensing requirements could be applicable to all HMO properties. This might cover student houses that are close to university areas or converted blocks of flats. Occasionally, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your property is categorised as an HMO in legal terms. Therefore, you can utilise certain tools to accurately assess whether your property meets the criteria. 

Exclusive, off-market HMO property investments – our locations​

To us, prime locations are everything. When developments are placed in well-considered, popularised areas, investing in these properties can be extremely lucrative, boasting strong returns. The UK property market remains one of the most stable investment opportunities in the country. With an increase in demand for property and an ever-growing population, there has never been a better time to invest in the UK property industry. BuyAssociation focuses on acquiring investment opportunities in emerging locations with strong metrics and solid potential for growth. We source an abundance of high-quality, discounted properties in prime locations without compromise. Throughout the process of collaborating and working with our build partners and established developers, we actively seek developments with strong potential for our investors. It is crucial to us that our community of investors gain access to some of the most in-demand properties before anyone else.

Our ability to deliver exciting projects across the country is what places us in a unique position in the property market, making our portfolio of investment opportunities incredibly diverse, attractive and rare.

So, where are the best places to invest in HMO properties? Our HMO developer partners continuously keep track of property market forecasts and strive to explore upcoming developments in key areas across the UK. As specialists have identified that predominantly young professionals and student demographics remain the best tenants for HMO contracts, the locations we source developments from correlate demographically to ensure high occupancy rates are sustained. HMO properties continue to soar in popularity, and the ever-growing demand for city living, shared occupancy and affordable housing makes the HMO properties we acquire solid, worthwhile investments.

Greater Manchester HMOs

Comprising ten metropolitan boroughs, this North West county is one that is packed with opportunities. The vibrant city of Manchester, also known as ‘the capital of the North’, holds a strong reputation for its creative industries, thriving social life and impressive business opportunities. We focus a lot of our attention on the endless regeneration projects and innovative developments that scatter the city and surrounding boroughs. The exciting investment opportunities in this rapidly growing city are never-ending, making Greater Manchester an ideal destination to invest in residential and commercial properties. It has been predicted that rental prices will increase by an incredible 17% by 2025, indicating just how lucrative Manchester’s investment industry really is. The rental market is favored by many landlords around the UK, as the average yield sits currently at 5.5%, performing much better than the national average. The rental sector continues to flourish due to the affordability (particularly in comparison to London) and constant tenant demand.

Where HMO properties are concerned, Greater Manchester is fast becoming a hotspot for HMO demand in the UK. This northern city is considered a fantastic location to live in, despite the higher prices, as is typical, that come with city center living. Outside of the center, many investors, landlords and tenants are also being attracted to the substantially lower costs that the property market on the outskirts boasts.

Areas within Greater Manchester, such as Bolton, Bury and Stockport, are also highly popular locations due to their close proximity to the city center at a fraction of the cost. These surrounding areas also offer a much quieter, tranquil atmosphere in contrast to the bustling liveliness at the heart of Manchester. In order to keep costs down, residents of the city center and surrounding boroughs tend to occupy shared housing properties. Greater Manchester’s demographic is widely varied but comprises an excessive number of students and young professionals due to the incredible universities, energetic student lifestyle and unparalleled career opportunities.

The student population is suspected to stand at around 100,000 across Greater Manchester, exemplifying just how exquisite and impactful Manchester’s student community is for the economy and booming property market. The demand for HMO remains high in direct correlation with the ever-increasing population. The surge in population here has massively impacted the residential property market, as the undersupply of homes in Manchester is fast becoming problematic. However, in a bid to home new residents, construction companies and developers have never been more committed to expanding the city.

Areas within Greater Manchester, such as Bolton, Bury and Stockport, are also highly popular locations due to their close proximity to the city center at a fraction of the cost. These surrounding areas also offer a much quieter, tranquil atmosphere in contrast to the bustling liveliness at the heart of Manchester. In order to keep costs down, residents of the city center and surrounding boroughs tend to occupy shared housing properties. Greater Manchester’s demographic is widely varied, but comprises an excessive number of students and young professionals due to the incredible universities, energetic student lifestyle and unparalleled career opportunities.

The student population is suspected to stand at around 100,000 across Greater Manchester, exemplifying just how exquisite and impactful Manchester’s student community is for the economy and booming property market. The demand for HMO remains high in direct correlation with the ever-increasing population. The surge in population here has massively impacted the residential property market, as the undersupply of homes in Manchester is fast becoming problematic. However, in a bid to home new residents, construction companies and developers have never been more committed to expanding the city.

Our HMOs for sale in Greater Manchester

At BuyAssociation, our valuable knowledge of this location ensures that the properties we acquire enrich the surrounding community and fulfill the requirements of investors and tenants. We have a varied index of available properties ready to invest in, all of which are highly suitable for an assortment of tenants and homeowners.

To find out more about the HMO properties we have in Greater Manchester or our buy-to-let opportunities, take a look at our investment portfolio.

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Salford HMOs

In the neighboring city of Salford, we work with highly established developers to deliver HMO properties tailored to university students and the young professionals working in MediaCityUK, Salford Quays and beyond. The UK HMO opportunities we have sourced in Salford are perfectly placed for investors seeking a high-yielding property, with this city seeing 34% capital growth in the past 5 years.

Salford boasts an extremely promising property forecast for the coming years, as the economic growth this city has seen has been expeditious. The beautiful skyline, ongoing construction projects and regeneration schemes have hugely enhanced the city, making Salford a very desirable area to invest in. This diverse city has become an especially attractive location for buy-to-let properties, as Salford is conveniently placed within close proximity to Manchester. As Manchester’s neighboring city, the growing population amplifies the demand for residential property. For professionals, the short commute from Salford to Manchester city center is highly appreciated, allowing employees from a range of sectors to benefit from living close to the business hub of the North.

Salford is conveniently positioned just 200 miles northwest of London, meaning Salford’s residents are well linked to all major cities. In regard to business, industries such as the creative and digital sector, financial services and manufacturing organisations have quickly identified Salford as an excellent city to base themselves in. In short, business in Salford is booming. There are numerous notable organisations that have chosen to locate their headquarters in Salford, inspiring more and more sectors to relocate there. Salford is underpinned by a rapidly expanding creative, digital and media sector that evolved magnificently since the development programme of MediaCityUK was introduced. As a result, the immeasurable career and investment opportunities continue to encourage people everywhere to consider Salford as a place to call home.

Top reasons to reside, invest and let property in Salford

The five districts that comprise Salford are Eccles, Pendlebury, Irlam, Cadishead, Swinton and Worsley – all of which offer a plethora of shops, restaurants, woodlands and stately regeneration projects. The residents of Salford are also blessed with exciting landmarks and entertainment, affordable house prices, creative business opportunities and awe-inspiring history. What’s more, the rich culture of Salford and Greater Manchester is sporadically embedded in the city, allowing tourists and locals to delve into historic galleries, museums and libraries. With exciting development projects underway in a bid to expand the city and breathe new life into the area, the future of Salford is extremely positive and exciting. Buy-to-let investments have become a major area of interest for investors in Salford, as the private-rented sector is growing much faster than other cities across the UK. As far as investment opportunities go for this evolving city, the local property market here has had such high potential. It is thanks to mass urban regeneration, increased employment levels, expedient transport links and exceptional attractions that Salford remains an ideal place to invest and live. Key landmarks such as Salford Quays, The Lowry and the Imperial War Museum, to name a few, continue to influence the high tenant demand in Salford.

The rental yields have remained at high levels over the last year, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. At present, landlords are expected to generate an increasingly high rental yield, with rental prices currently averaging around £1,251 a month. The demographic of Salford is predominantly students of Salford and Manchester institutions and young professionals choosing to continue living there after graduating, making this destination a hotspot for HMO investments.

The properties we source based in Salford

At BuyAssociation, we are committed to enhancing the property market in this North West city, as we have witnessed first-hand just how incredible the property investment sector here is. We work with developers and build partners in this city to provide investors with first-class properties with meaning, value and quality at their core. The developments we provide exclusive access to are based within central locations, with convenient connections to transport links and business districts. Above all, our investment opportunities are strategically placed in the best areas for potential growth and strong returns. Due to the high demand for rental properties in Salford, the properties we attain are persistently sold quickly. With high occupancy rates and excellent returns, Salford’s property sector proves itself to be a solid investment center.



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South Yorkshire

Another metropolitan county in England in which we provide profitable and exciting investment opportunities in is South Yorkshire. Consisting of four boroughs, Doncaster, Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham, this region contains distinctive opportunities for investors, landlords and tenants alike. As strong contenders in the property market, the city of Sheffield and Doncaster continue to outperform some of the most prime locations across the UK.

Sheffield is the largest city in South Yorkshire and has been transformed over the last decade, with revolutionary developments increasing its economic and business potential. Sheffield presents itself as another top choice for young people and students looking to study and socialize in a high-spirited city. Future development plans have acted as an immense catalyst for investment opportunities, guiding investors toward the investment prospects that Sheffield  has established

The job market in this city is strong, with an excellent pool of career opportunities enabling graduates the chance to thrive in social work, education, transport and manufacturing industries.

Similarly, the borough of Doncaster is growing economically at a tremendous pace, offering large potential for investors looking to increase capital growth. Despite often being overlooked, Doncaster is home to some notable businesses and industries. The buy-to-let sector and rental market are thriving in Doncaster due to the recent rise in career opportunities, making it stand out as a go-to area for investors seeking to gain rental income. Doncaster proudly takes its place as the 12th most profitable place to purchase a buy-to-let property in the UK. Alongside this, the house prices, population and rental demand in Doncaster are rising year upon year by a drastic amount.

Why is South Yorkshire an enticing place to buy, rent and live?

Doncaster is a unique place to reside due to its harmonious hybrid of nature and industry, providing the large student population there with an array of parks, bars and attractions to enjoy. In addition, the traditional, rich-cultured town of Barnsley offers some compelling reasons to relocate and invest. In particular, its  excellent educational prospects, beautiful villages and dynamic market make Barnsley an idyllic location for both investors and residents alike.

It’s no secret that Yorkshire features some of the best scenic views in the UK, attracting a great deal of outdoor tourism for this reason year on year. It comes as no surprise, then, that the towns of Rotherham and Sheffield, in particular, are often praised for their incredible landscapes and are even listed as two of the most beautiful locations to live in the UK. The rich Victorian history of Yorkshire and intricate architecture are deeply embedded throughout all the boroughs of South Yorkshire. In addition, the sheer multitude of shopping centres and restaurants supply the people of Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham with an enviable array of retail and dining options to choose from.

Yorkshire has been strongly identified as a prime location for investors and landlords – they can expect to benefit from an annual yield of around 5.9%, on average. Many development plans are set to fulfil the increasing desire to live in the city of Sheffield and surrounding areas, provoking a plethora of investors and developers to get involved in the upcoming opportunities.

HMO’s for sale with high returns at BuyAssociation

Like many of the locations we work, live and partner in, the boroughs of South Yorkshire – particularly Sheffield – are home to an influx of students, as well as young families. Scattered across Yorkshire are around 180,000 students who choose to live and study in Yorkshire’s universities. A high proportion of young professionals and students in this county seek to rent apartments and HMO properties, making student accommodation an asset to investors.

With surveys distinguishing Sheffield as the best location for postgraduate students, it’s no wonder that so many developers and investors are keeping a close eye on the emerging city of Sheffield and the neighboring towns. The impeccable, top-performing Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Huddersfield never fail to attract students across the globe, maintaining an unrivaled reputation for its student facilities, accommodation and community spirit. In addition, the significant redevelopment schemes and ongoing projects continue to pique the interest of investors.

For our forward-thinking business, the boroughs of South Yorkshire are a core area of strength for our investors and partners. We are keen to enable our community of investors to delve into the exciting projects that are planned for the towns. As a result, we are committed to carrying out rigorous research to find the best, most profitable opportunities in the region before anyone else. To be in with a chance of getting involved with the newest developments, keep a lookout on our website for rare, upcoming opportunities.

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Bolton HMOs

As a fundamental contributor to Greater Manchester’s economy, this northern location takes a strong position in the property investment market. Just 20 minutes by train from Manchester City Centre, it is no wonder that Bolton is earning a reputation for being a valuable location for property investment. With picturesque community spaces and an exquisite and popular university, tenant demand is on the rise. Bolton is populated with thriving industries with continuous work opportunities due to the array of business parks that enhance the career opportunities it has available. Bolton is also expecting massive economic growth following a cash injection of £300m in the Bolton Innovation Zone, with the intention of creating 20,000 new jobs across the creative industry.

Regeneration projects are ongoing in Bolton’s town center, attracting large amounts of investment capital toward the many plans for innovative development. In addition, rental yields are proportionally higher from residential property, as Bolton boasts some of the lowest purchase rates in the country. Impressively, the average house price currently stands at just £164,200, showcasing the fantastic potential for investors interested in pursuing great value property investment opportunities.

The impressive, fast-growing property market in Bolton

Bolton is a fantastic location for property investment, particularly if you are interested in buy-to-let and HMO properties. HMO properties are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and flexible choice for young professionals, and as Bolton is a large town with excellent transport links, more and more people are choosing Bolton as their home. Bolton is a hub of activity. Located close to Manchester, many choose this as their base and commute into the city, whereas others are attracted by the recent regeneration in the area following a financial influx of £1bn from Bolton Council. Multi-occupancy properties are also an attractive prospect for students and, with University of Bolton holding the accolade of one of the top 50 universities in the country, many students are looking for affordable housing while studying away from home.

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